There are different sorts of flight time trackers on Flight Times 99, for example,

1. Radar based flight following which is the customary kind and procedure used to follow flying machine. This tracker is utilized around the world. It is otherwise called ground based following and furthermore radio recurrence following. This strategy fundamentally utilizes the guideline of radar which utilizes the highlights of radio waves for following and correspondence purposes. Aviation authority towers which are worked to discharge radio waves at a particular radio recurrence is otherwise called ground based stations. The radiated radio waves will travel and bob off the flying machine which at that point heads out back to the base. The period between the transmitted and got waves is utilized to decide the separation between the plane and ATC tower.

2. Flight following by utilizing Google Earth is one of the numerous product applications that are intended to fill in as a constant flight tracker. This application uses 3D visuals which are produced no other than Google Earth itself, together with calculations so as to display you a visual of the present flight area, its way just as flight information, for example, goal, assessed time of entry and takeoff time, speed and so on.

3. Satellite based flight following also includes the estimating of information (time and position). What makes this tracker exceptional is that each action performed to follow the airship is led by satellites. Satellite following can wipe out various hindrances looked by ground based trackers.

4. Web based flight following is offered by sites over the web. What you have to do is to enter in your flight subtleties on the particular UI in that specific site. The site will at that point show a virtual way together with significant or vital data that one for the most part needs to observe.