The Nicotine Patch is touted as one of the Great Ways to Quit Smoking, yet is it actually such it’s laughed uncontrollably to be? A portion of the reactions of the nicotine fix are even less fun than those it attempts to fix. Having had a go at stopping (and fizzling) with the nicotine fix, I’ve experienced many of the symptoms myself, and they’re no stroll in the recreation center.

Strange Dreams

Strange doesn’t start to cover it. Totally crazy begins to, however I can’t resist the urge to imagine that the English language doesn’t have wording sufficiently able to portray the fantasies. I’ve woken up a significant number occasions in a virus sweat from these fantasies, and I easily forget my fantasies regularly.

Queasiness, Vomiting, and Dizziness

Precisely as it sounds. I had an inclination that I was going to tumble down and vomit in the meantime. This should be an uncommon event, yet hearing that didn’t generally help. Despite everything it sucked!

Skin Irritation

This wasn’t generally terrible, yet it merits referencing. The zone around where the fix was connected got pleasant and red (and remained as such for a couple of days after I quit utilizing the fix.) Comparatively, however, I didn’t generally mind this one.


Thus, better believe it, the reactions aren’t incredible. I for one didn’t have much karma stopping with the nicotine fix (I utilized something many refer to as the EasyQuit System, which is likened to stopping immediately, just simpler) however numerous individuals appear to swear by them. I for one wouldn’t utilize it in view of how awful the reactions are.
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