Web Design has a very impactful mark on the way a Website will garner a large amount of traffic and how much profit that a brand can make. The impact that it has over a website is not just on the aesthetic side but will also affect the more technical side as well such as the way that affects the SEO content and the way branding is displayed. Each of these factors will be touched upon and subsequently correlated to the reasons why Web Design Malaysia agencies often remark how important Web Design is to a Website:~

  1. Web Design and its relationship with SEO is very close and the correlation between the two greatly impacts the final design of the Website that will ultimately affect the profit of the brand itself. For one, the trends for how a popular website will look is constantly changing and keeping your designs up to date with the latest looks and styles keeps your branding fresh while also preventing it from dying out just like the trends before it. Often times these trends also allow the content of the site to be more discoverable and in turn increase traffic. Finally, advent of social media has made it so that the coming future looks to mobile devices as a more the frequent way to look up the information that you need rather than personal computers or desktops. A Website designed for responsive options in mind, gives it an edge over other websites, especially considering Major search engines emphasizing on this.
  2. Branding is also affected by the effectiveness of a website’s design as the way you would create the brand and how you would display that brand as well as the design elements giving off the themes and identity of the brand. The role of design will be making sure that customers will be able to identify themselves with the brand and ultimately become loyal to it.

To conclude, the result of the site and how it would be able to gain traffic and turn a profit is through the influence of the design of the site.