As there are many types of SEO methods, there are different opinions of which one is the best. By looking at three types of SEO, you can decide for yourself which is best for your business and website and wanting to achieve your goal. Wellington SEO has different methods of SEO services as well and they can provide assistance and services for your website to achieve its goal.

  • Black hat SEO – Now a Black hat SEO is a type of SEO that comes with a lot of risks. It can get your website banned or removed from search engines as it goes against many search engine guidelines. However it does offer lest cost, and a much faster time to achieve the goal you have set for your website. Therefore this type of SEO has high risks and faster achievability of goals.

  • White hat SEO – Completely different and opposite to the Black hat SEO, this type of SEO has very minimal risks that can provide your website with a long lasting run in search engines. With the minimal risks, comes greater costs when creating content and also it takes a much longer process. With that being said it does still achieve the same results as a Black hat SEO, but it just takes longer and more resources to achieve them. It follows guidelines and it is very ethical for the users when websites choose this type of SEO.

  • Grey hat SEO – This type of SEO is exactly what the name suggests. It is a combination of both a Black hat SEO and a White hat SEO. This means that it neither complies with guidelines nor does it go against what the guidelines tell them not to do. It is on a very thin line therefore there are less risks than using a Black hat SEO, but it still has unethical methods to get clicks from users. An example would be using clickbait titles that will make the user click on your website in order to gain higher traffic loads.

In conclusion the best type of SEO is up to you to choose for your website, but of course the safest option that will definitely get you the result you’re looking for is the White hat SEO. Wellington SEO also provides the White hat SEO service so that your company doesn’t have to spend resources on commiting to the task.